We are an independent charity that investigates and prosecutes organised animal cruelty. We focus on complex, serious, and organised crimes against animals. We do this by collecting evidence and turning this into tangible interventions on behalf of animals.

Like many charities, regulators, and non-departmental government bodies, Animal Protection Services prosecutes as a private prosecutor under the powers afforded in section 6(1) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985.

Our objective is to seek justice on behalf of animals. We protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through investigations, legal advocacy, and animal welfare education.

Our investigations are evidence and intelligence driven. Other animal charities will produce reports while we prepare full case files in accordance with local and national standards that can be used in the court system.

We are a charitable incorporated organisation regulated by the Charity Commission. We are regulated by the Fundraising Regulator for our fundraising activities. We abide by the Code for Private Prosecutors set out by the Private Prosecutors Association.

We endeavour to build working relationships with police forces and local authorities in England and Wales to advance our mutual interests of ensuring the welfare of animals. We offer assistance to police forces and local authorities in the investigation and prosecution of animal crimes. If you are a member of a police force or local authority, you should make contact with our Law Enforcement Liaison.

Animal Protection Services is registered with the Information Commissioners' Office. We have a published privacy policy that details how we may use your personal data. Click here to view the privacy policy.

We aim to promote humane behaviour towards animals and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals. We have a focus on the illegal pet trade where we often deal with the aftermath of the illicit trade once a poorly puppy has been sold. It is our view that licensing requires businesses involved in the sale of animals to show that they are meeting the welfare needs of the animals in their care. We firmly believe that by prosecuting licensing offences involving animals we are able to fulfil our charitable objectives of promoting humane behaviour and preventing cruelty to animals.

We recognise that local authorities are responsible for licensing however local authorities are under-resourced and over-stretched. Prosecutions of licensing offences are not restricted to local authorities. We are able to deploy intelligence-led undercover operations to reveal criminal offences and bring the preparators to justice. We consider that this is far out of the reach for the majority of local authorities.