Animal Protection Services

Yes, I will help fund animal rescues!

This summer, my frontline investigators have not stopped. Here are some of the reports we have received:

"I am reporting a dog that has been kicked, thrown against a wall, and killed by his owner. Please can you help?"

"There are four dogs in a house suffering with a severe flea infestation. All dogs are emaciated... One of the dogs had her back legs broken by some kids."

"There is a 4 month old puppy that has her ears cropped off. She has not been let out of the house for months. Can you go and rescue her?"

All of this life-saving work costs a tremendous amount of money. We urgently need your help to support our teams as we go into the most challenging winter ahead. We cannot, and will not, turn our backs on animals.

Any gift that you can make today will help us save animals and prosecute animal abusers.

£1,778.00 raised so far. Help us get to £2,000.00!

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Animal Protection Services is a charitable incorporated organisation in England and Wales with the registration number 1186401. Our registered office address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. Privacy Policy

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